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Canada: A joke from 10 years ago, know what happened that it is being heard in the country’s largest court.

A comedian in Canada has overshadowed the acting of a decade ago. He made fun of a Divyang young singer during his acting. But now this joke case has reached the country’s largest court. Jeremy Gabrielle was born with Treacher Collins syndrome (TCS). It is a genetic disease that can affect the bones of the face and in Gabriel’s case was the cause of severe deafness. Despite this, he fulfilled his dream of becoming a singer at an early age. Due to this, his popularity increased in the ancestral province of Cubic.

The comedian was heavily mocked by Divyang

In 2010, Mike Ward, another Cubic comedian, did a 90-minute stand-up show. They are identified by sharp jokes. He also targeted celebrities with stinging issues on race and religion. They called him a ‘holy cow’ for many reasons. According to him, such people are considered safe from jokes due to wealth and power. The results of that show have been falling in the cubic for the past decade and that is because of Mike Ward’s joke about Jeremy Gabrielle. Now that matter will be debated in court.

The case reached the Supreme Court a decade ago

The legal battle between Mike Ward and Jeremy Grabiel has also become a media issue. It was told in the comedy show that Singer is probably suffering from some dangerous disease. The comedian said on Gabrielle’s laughing style, “I don’t know how far I can go on the joke. For a moment I told myself that I had gone too far, I would stop laughing. But no, you People are laughing. ” Mike Ward also made fun of Singer’s physical structure and illness.

Gabrielle first heard the joke about herself in 2010. At that time, he was 13 years old and started going to high school. The comedy of the already persecuted Mike Ward served as fuel to the fire. Now the 24-year-old singer says, “Not a single day passes without hearing the joke of the ward.” He was targeted because of his disability and began to isolate himself. Even thoughts of suicide started coming. The case worsened when Singer was compared to a cocaine addict.


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