Can young people in Danang make 281 billion from an entertainment website?

28/01/2021 16:19 GMT + 7

It is difficult to estimate the revenue of a closed website, however an individual making money from a web entertainment is very unlikely but it must be the effort of a team.

In 2014, the entertainment website was announced to sell to the 24-hour advertising joint stock company for 33 billion VND. It is not clear whether the deal was completed at that time, but the fact that was valued so high was due to a stable revenue from advertising of about 9 billion / year.

That may be the idea for a young man in Da Nang to quietly set up a website targeting foreign users. In the three years from 2015 to 2018, guy D. has earned 281 billion dong, retrospectively collected 25.3 billion dong. This is new information revealed by the Da Nang Tax Department a few days ago.

Although the website was closed in 2019, one can still find fanpage of the same name on Facebook with more than 1.5 million likes. From there, could be a system of multiple choice questions on its own website embedded in Facebook’s Instant Game repository, as ICTnews mentioned many times recently.

Instant Game is a Facebook game store competing with Google and Apple.

An anonymous expert also confirmed this with ICTnews, saying that Mr. D. is only representing a group of about 20 people. He added that Facebook’s Instant Game system can generate revenue bursts in the short term, but when it goes down there’s almost no way to save it but shut down if you don’t want to pay off. operating fee. That may be the main reason why Mr. D. had to stop the website in 2019.

Before the multiple-choice games rained, Instant Game was once a global player boom for casual games like the Pirate Kings storm in 2015 or the EverWing fever in 2017. However, Facebook did not Provide specific revenue reports or estimates of revenue from this warehouse in addition to the number of regular players.

Like other platforms, Facebook’s Instant Game provides the opportunity to monetize developers through advertising, selling virtual items for a fee similar to Google and Apple. Currently, players can find many games of Vietnamese developers embedded on the platform with tens of thousands of players each.

Phuong Nguyen

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