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Can the devastation of Russia-Ukraine war stop? Foreign Minister gave this suggestion to Putin

Ukraine Russia Conflict: Amid the ongoing tensions over Ukraine, Russia’s top diplomat on Monday suggested President Vladimir Putin to continue talks with the West on Russian security demands. It is believed to be a sign that the Kremlin intends to continue diplomatic efforts amid US warnings about the possibility of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Russia wants guarantees from the West that the NATO alliance will not make Ukraine and other former Soviet countries as members, halt the deployment of weapons to Ukraine and withdraw its forces from Eastern Europe. However, these demands have been rejected outright by the western countries.

Foreign Minister gave this advice
In a meeting with Putin, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov suggested that Russia should continue talks with the US and its allies, even though those countries have rejected key Russian security demands.

Lavrov said the US has offered to negotiate the limits of missile deployments in Europe, a ban on military exercises and other confidence-building measures. He said the talks “cannot go on indefinitely, but at this stage I would suggest continuing and expanding the talks.”

Asked by Putin whether there was any point in continuing diplomatic efforts, Lavrov replied that the prospects for talks were not exhausted and offered to continue the talks. Putin said the West could try to engage Russia in “endless talks” without any conclusive results.

Lavrov said that “there is always a chance.” He said his ministry would not allow the US and its allies to block Russia’s main demands. The meeting took place when German Chancellor Olaf Schultz arrived in Ukraine amid growing fears of a Russian attack. He plans to move from Ukraine to Moscow, where he will try to convince President Vladimir Putin to back down on the matter.

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