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Can the 3rd year internships take place despite the Covid?

For Mattéo, the answer fell last week: Welcoming interns from 3e in our premises is suspended for the next 6 months ”, told him the press group in which he wanted to do his observation internship. Compulsory at the end of college since 2005, this 5-day immersion in a company usually takes place between December and March. But this year, the calendar, even the maintenance of the internship, is strongly questioned because of the health context. “ We started further research and got only negative responses, says his mother, Marie-Rose. ” Either companies take fewer interns, or they simply refuse to accept them because of the Covid.

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Virginie is also worried: ” My daughter had landed an internship at the Natural History Museum to discover taxidermy, but in the end the agreement could not be signed. It’s complicated to start from scratch in a context where the reception of minors is very limited. »Virginie and her daughter Élisa are now looking at veterinarians or in a bookstore. “But at Christmas, mum mourns, shops are not available to accompany a discovery course. “

The teleworking of employees does not facilitate the reception of college students

Normally, obtaining an internship of 3e is more or less complicated depending on social backgrounds and geographic location, but this year, the choice of college students may, in all cases, be more limited. ” Many companies refuse to welcome interns, at least until Christmas, because they have strict health protocols, but also because the employees are teleworking. Gold, welcoming college students involves people on site to support them, observes Laurence Breton Kueny, vice-president of the national association of HRDs. The situation nevertheless remains variable depending on the virus circulation zones and the sector of activity. “, specifies the manager.

Thus, at Le Laoul college, in Bourg-Saint-Andéol, in Ardèche, where the spread of the coronavirus is moderate, the number of internship agreements signed to date is quite similar to other years, according to the principal. At the moment we don’t have many refusals, assures Michael Vidaud, member of the national executive of the union of heads of establishments SNPDEN. We gave the conventions to the students earlier and the companies we are used to working with are playing along. ”

Responsibility for postponement or cancellation lies with the heads of establishments

At Samuel-de-Missy college, in La Rochelle, on the other hand, Audrey Chanonat does not hide her concern. ” We know very well that in the current context we will be refused and the first research confirms that we are going in this direction, notes the principal, also a member of the SNPDEN. For the moment, we are in the strengthening of support measures for students, but if we note that it is too difficult, we will have the possibility of proposing a second week in shift “.

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Responsibility for postponement or cancellation lies with the heads of establishments. The Ministry of National Education only recommends that students in “green” areas not to move to “red” areas and indicates “ that exceptionally, for duly justified reasons, the observation sequence may not be carried out because of the health context which would complicate the reception of pupils ”.

If the internship is not a condition for obtaining the college certificate, many students present it for the oral examination, recalls Audrey Chanonat. ” But it is especially important because it is part of an orientation course that goes from the 6e at the end of college, she specifies. It allows a first contact with the business world and it is often on this occasion that the students realize that certain things will suit them and others not.. Afterwards, if the health crisis prevents it, we will adapt. But, in our establishment, we will not give it up until we have tried everything to make it happen. “


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