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Alcohol ingredients, but the alcohol concentration must be from 60 to 70 degrees or more to disinfect surfaces, on the skin; so drinking alcohol does not kill the virus.

“It is not possible to drink alcohol or suck on alcohol to disinfect or eliminate viruses because after infection, nCoV has penetrated into the body’s cells,” Assoc. Dr. Pham Thi Bich Dao, Hanoi Medical University Hospital, said. The high concentration of alcohol in alcohol will damage the mucosa, bacteria and viruses easily attack cells.

Currently, there is no research in the world that proves that alcohol prevents infection or kills nCoV. The World Health Organization (WHO) also rejected “false news” that alcoholic beverages, specifically ethyl alcohol and ethanol, kill nCoV or make the human body immune to the virus. Not to mention, alcohol abuse also harms health, especially stomach, digestive diseases, increases the risk of other serious diseases.

Iran in March 2020 recorded 27 deaths from methanol poisoning after drinking too much alcohol to treat Covid-19.

Instead of drinking alcohol, Dr. Dao advises gargling with warm salt water and throat antiseptic solution every day to prevent Covid-19 infection. Can use mixed saline, 0.9% physiological saline sold at drugstores, to gargle. In many types of throat rinses, there are often ingredients that soothe, soften the throat mucosa, reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and fight allergies such as benzocaine, menthol, salicylate salt, hexetidine…

Gargle when you feel pain, burning, lumps, entanglement, discomfort in the throat area. Gargle every hour or so or when returning from the street, after coming into contact with a high-risk source of infection.

Steam your nose and throat with herbs containing essential oils such as lemongrass, ginger, lemon, grapefruit, mint… During the steaming process, if you have difficulty breathing, chest tightness, dizziness or any other unusual signs, you should stop immediately.

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