Camille Cottin, increasingly bankable, joins a prestigious American talent agency

A new agent with whom to discuss the intricacies of the profession and see if the practices are the same on the old continent and in Hollywood. Driven by the success of Ten percent, broadcast abroad on Netflix, Camille Cottin gave a boost to his international and English-speaking career by signing with the American talent agency UTA, reveals the specialized site Deadline. The firm deals in particular with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sandra Oh, Chris Pratt, Harrison Ford, Timothée Chalamet and Michael Douglas, as recalled BFMTV .

The interpreter of Andréa Martel in the series Ten percent has made a name for itself outside France, thanks to the distribution of the series – renamed Call My Agent! – on Netflix. This popularity had already allowed him to sign with the English agency Hamilton Hodell. “Andréa allowed me to break into British television», She confided to Figaro, last month during the release of the final season of the adventures of the ASK agency, imagined by Dominique Besnehard.

Dubbed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge

This is how we were able to find the actress in the skin of the mysterious Hélène, one of the heads of the criminal organization at the center of the crazy spy thriller Killing Eve, designed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge for BBC America. Role that she should resume in a future season 4. Camille Cottin has more than one point in common with the pen of the next James Bond, No Time To Die since she had taken over the title role of the creator of Fleabag in Fly , the French version of the cult creaky comedy broadcast last year on Canal +.

Revealed by the comic pastille of Canal + Bitch in 2013, Camille Cottin was nominated for the César for best female hope in 2016 for Conasse, princess of hearts, the film adapted from this short program.

Without waiting for his entry into the UTA team, Camille Cottin has already participated in several Hollywood projects. She starred alongside Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard (another French actress to be represented by an American agency) in the WWII film Allies by Robert Zemeckis in 2016. She also gave the line to Matt Damon in Stillwater. Set to hit theaters next year, Tom McCarthy’s drama (Spotlight) features an American who leaves his native Oklahoma for France where his daughter has been incarcerated for murder.

On December 25, French film lovers will find his voice in Drunk. In this Pixar animated film initially planned on the big screen before branching out onto Disney + due to the coronavirus, Camille Cottin camps 22, a little rebellious soul who does not intend to come down to earth …


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