Called a taxi to the hospital with a severed hand

Quang NinhThe 53-year-old man, using a sawmill, was cut into his right wrist by a saw machine.

The patient’s right wrist has been cut close to leaving only the skin on the back of the wrist, exposing the tendons, bones, bleeding a lot, unable to move the fingers. Immediately after the accident, the patient called for an emergency taxi by himself to Quang Ninh General Hospital. Medical staff gave first aid to the wound then quickly moved to the operating room, January 5.

Complicated wounds cut across the anterior right wrist, cut pivotal nerve bundle, cut the median nerve, the rotational nerve bundle and the wrist tendons.

Surgical team by Doctor Luong Toan Thang – Head of Department of Orthopedic Trauma, coordinated with Resuscitation team to filter crushed organs, micro-surgery connecting nerves, blood vessels and broken tendons .

After more than 3 hours of surgery, the lesions were restored, the fingertips were warm and portable.

Patient’s hand after jointing. Image: Hospital provided

Treating doctor Nguyen Van Nang – Department of Orthopedic Trauma, said the patient’s case is very complicated, the risk of hand necrosis due to nourishing anemia. Patients need to early rehabilitate exercise to improve grip and grip.

Doctors recommend to ensure safety during working, fully equipped with protective equipment. In the unfortunate event of an accident, the severed parts need to be grafted as soon as possible, 6 hours in advance from the moment of the cut. Patients need first aid, bandage and hemostasis, immediately go to the nearest medical facility to be treated and instructed to properly preserve the severed limb.

The degree of recovery of the limb joint depends on the state of injury, preservation and the time from the time of rupture to the time of joint surgery. In the case of a complete limb fracture, the correct way to preserve the cut is to put the broken part in a clean plastic bag, tie it tightly, wrap it in a gauze pad, and then put it in an ice bucket at a temperature of 4-5 degrees C. The severed limb is in direct contact with the ice because it can cause cold burns.

Thuy Quynh