Call every night at the translation of the husband and wife doctor and child

Quang NinhChoosing the seat with the strongest wifi, Dr. Tinh dialed to call his wife, the doctor at the Quang Ninh Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital and her 4-year-old daughter was at home with her.

Dr. Le Thanh Tinh, 31 years old, and his wife, Dr. Do Thi Bich Phuong, 32 years old, are medical staff on the front line of anti-epidemic action in Quang Ninh. Mr. Tinh is in charge of infection control at Field 2 Hospital, while Phuong treats Covid-19 patient at Quang Ninh Children’s Hospital. The two have been fighting the epidemic together for the past long year.

On the night of February 4, receiving a call from her husband, Phuong ran away to find a quiet place to listen. This is a rare time in the day when the couple does not have to wear a mask or protective clothing.

“I never expected your call as much as this time,” she said. When the daughter answered the phone, he and she did not know what to say but the promise of “stay at home, parents will come soon”.

On the morning of January 28, Quang Ninh and Hai Duong discovered two new cases of Covid-19 in the community. At noon of the same day, the number of cases increased to 82, forming two large outbreaks. Phuong was resting at home when she received an urgent call from the hospital. Her husband also canceled his work schedule at the Department, rushed back to the hospital for an urgent meeting.

At night, the family of 3 made a call to meet. This is a very small time when the doctor and his wife do not wear a mask or protective clothing to ask about their daughter at home. Image: Characters provided

Present at the hospital, Dr. Phuong went to the anti-epidemic zone to take orders and Dr. Tinh was participating in the meeting with the leadership. The meeting lasted for two hours to divide work and manpower. Dr. Phuong continued to treat Covid-19 patient at the hospital while Dr. Tinh left for Field 2 Hospital, 20 km from the center. Clock was only 2 o’clock, January 29. All ready to embark on a new mission.

Knowing the job, Dr. Tinh rushed home, said goodbye to his daughter, then took the computer and some clothes to fight the epidemic. Sitting in the car, he and everyone were constantly debating about the nature of the new epidemic. Everyone said this war was fiercer because the virus had changed.

His anxiety grew when he realized that today it was 17 lunar Champa towers, the little girl was still waiting to go home with her parents to celebrate Tet. When he stopped at the door of Field Hospital No. 2, he calmed down and relieved himself. He said at the time, “At such a difficult time, we should be where the patient needs it.”

At the same time, Dr. Phuong and the testing staff immediately began to screen 50 samples overnight. Categorization aims to identify cases and find associations between suspected cases. Everywhere in the room was a prototype, the medical staff’s eyes were stretched and the hands were quick to arrange, take notes, and paste patient information … “The search for the Fs became urgent and faster than ever before “, Phuong recalled.

Currently, the Children’s Hospital only treats one Covid-19 patient and more than 30 F1 cases. For self-comparison, Ms. Phuong said this epidemic was like a big storm, hit with the number of F1 traced, and had to wear protection all day. In addition, Quang Ninh is adjacent to the Hai Duong outbreak with nearly 300 cases of infection in the community.

Every day, she briefed at 8am and went to her room to check if the patient had new developments to update the medical record. Not in the heart of the epidemic like Dong Trieu and Van Don, but if there is a rescue case, everyone will move to the Obstetrics and Pediatrics Institute forcing the doctor to always be in a ready situation.

Occasionally, she called her husband to exchange work, to find out about the situation at the field hospital. And he always told his wife to control infections, preserve and avoid cross-infection when treating patients.

Field hospital number two is receiving positive patients for treatment.  Photo: Hospital provided

Field hospital number two is receiving positive patients for treatment. Image: Hospital provided

Field Hospital 2 started accepting Covid-19 patients from February 2, up to now 242 patients, of which 22 were positive, 218 F1, 4 F2. F1 patients were tested once negative, awaiting a second result.

Before that, medical staff were present to check the facilities, equipment, and ensure safe disinfection to treat patients. In particular, the new epidemic outbreak with the virus is transformed, spreads quickly, so the infection control process is more strict. Everyone is consulted about procedures to guide patients and medical staff, strictly follow hand hygiene, wear masks, wear correct clothing, and remove standard protective equipment to prevent cross-contamination.

“It’s repetitive but important. Regular, process disinfection is the only way to make sure the virus doesn’t stick to the surface, spreading everywhere,” he said.

The work is big, sometimes overloaded. Many medical staff have to eat dinner at 1am. In addition to treatment, isolating the suspect case, the doctors also treat the patient with a moving heart. All encouragement “do not fall”, to overcome the pandemic.

Determining that there is no Tet this year, what he most wishes when he returns is to hug his daughter and tell her about the anti-epidemic days. And Phuong wished to go home and take her children to the solar park and took a photo of the three members. “In the midst of a pandemic, happiness is simply being able to go home,” said Phuong.

“The whole family told each other that this Tet will go back to the hometown, but no doubt the epidemic broke out, causing all plans to change. The grandparents were still sad, but still sad because there was nothing missing for Tet but their children”, Mr. Tinh continued.

Besides Mr. Tinh and Ms. Phuong, the hospital also has many doctors and doctors who leave their private matters to fight the epidemic. Some have a wife who has just given birth, some have not been home for many years.

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