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California nurse nurses Kovid-19 positive after a week of taking Pfizer’s corona vaccine: report

Pfizer’s Corona vaccine produced by Pfizer of America and Bioentech pharmaceutical manufacturer of Germany has been approved for emergency use by many countries around the world, including Britain and America, and is being vaccinated in large numbers. Meanwhile, shocking news has emerged about this from California. In a report given by ABC News on Tuesday, it has been said that 45-year-old nurse from California has been found corona positive after a week of taking Pfizer’s vaccine.

According to Reuters, Matthew W., a nurse working in two different local hospitals, said in his Facebook post on December 18 that he had taken Pfizer’s vaccine. He told ABC News that he had pain in his arm for one day, but there were no side effects.

The report said that after six days on Christmas evening, he fell ill after working in a shift of Kovid-19 unit. He started feeling muscular pain and fatigue.

He himself went to the hospital for testing. The next day after Christmas, his Kovid-19 report came out positive. Infection at the Family Health Centers in San Diego, Christian Reimers, an expert on infection, told ABC News that it was not expected.

Ramers said- We know from clinical trial of vaccine that 10 to 14 days after applying vaccine, protein is made in the body. He said- “From the first dose, we believe that about 50 percent and 95 percent of you develop immunity from the second dose.”

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