Ca Mau strives for administrative reform, focusing on IT application

Taking the people and businesses as the service center, Ca Mau province has implemented administrative procedure reform in the direction of streamlining, reducing focal points, promoting IT application, building infrastructure, and moving towards digital management programs and tools.

Ca Mau is a locality with a relatively large number of documents for receiving and handling administrative procedures. On average, the provincial OSS department receives and processes over 45,000 applications every month. Along with expanding the settlement of administrative procedures without borders to the whole province, Ca Mau province continues to require administrative procedure reform units, piloting to receive administrative procedure records at home, set a timer, and handle administrative procedures through the switchboard. phone or via Zalo.

Set a schedule, schedule to solve administrative procedures, CCCD via Zalo

In order to diversify forms of support for people to carry out administrative procedures during the complicated period of the Covid-19 epidemic, currently, Ca Mau Provincial Center for Administrative Procedures (Center) has set up Zalo channel. Schedule a TTHC appointment.

Thus, besides scheduling and scheduling via phone number 19009496, people can contact the Zalo page “Online Public Service of Ca Mau Province”, after clicking interested, at the main interface people can You can follow the steps to set a timer according to the instructions.

The Center emphasized that this is one of the solutions to further improve the operational efficiency of the Center to ensure timely receipt and processing of information requesting appointment booking and scheduling for people to carry out administrative procedures. .

The Ca Mau Provincial Administrative Procedures Resolution Center accepts requests to book appointments via Zalo Online Public Service in Ca Mau Province. Screenshots

In addition to the usual administrative procedures, from November 15 to here, people in the province do not distinguish between district and city household registration. Ca Mau can also perform CCCD registration procedures directly at the Center (No. 298, Tran Hung Dao Street, Ward 5, Ca Mau City). To ensure good epidemic prevention and control, before going to do the procedures, people also contact Zalo page “Online public service in Ca Mau province”, click interested for guidance and support.

Citizens need to bring their ID card or citizen identification with the issued barcode, household registration book, birth certificate or other legal papers in case the information on the CCCD application form changes. compared with information in the household registration book or on the national population database.

Speeding up the digital transformation in solving administrative problems

In the Center’s activities in 2021, along with the implementation of the objectives of the Administrative Reform Plan, the Center always identifies 2021 as the pivotal year of implementing digital transformation in handling administrative procedures. main. Strive to improve at least 5 levels of the administrative reform index, the people’s satisfaction index on administrative services.

The Center emphasized that digital transformation will only be truly successful if everyone is aware of the value that digital technology brings to life, and understands the benefits that they will enjoy, so that actively participate in this process.

Ca Mau strives for administrative reform, focusing on IT application

Ca Mau is a locality with a relatively large number of documents for receiving and handling administrative procedures. Photo: “Online public service in Ca Mau province”

Along with that, many solutions to apply information technology in solving administrative procedures have been researched, proposed and coordinated by the Center with relevant units to build, organize, and apply in order to create the most favorable conditions for people and professionals in handling administrative procedures on the basis of digital technology.

In order to prepare well for this important task, in 2021 the Center has advised and promulgated many important documents to create the basis for the implementation such as the Project on renewal of the implementation of the one-stop-shop mechanism in the country. handle administrative procedures; The plan to digitize the results of administrative procedures in Ca Mau province in the period of 2021 – 2025…

Ca Mau strives for administrative reform, focusing on IT application

The Center creates conditions so that people and businesses can rest assured that administrative procedures are fully, timely and safe. Photo: “Online public service in Ca Mau province”

By July 2021, the Center had put into operation an application to handle administrative procedures on smart devices. Along with that in the last months of the year, a series of technical solutions will be integrated, connected and operated such as online payment tools for taxes, fees and charges; setting up the Personal Digital Data Warehouse on administrative procedures; establish, integrate and connect with the database into the Public Service Portal and the electronic Single Window to help increase the ability to provide high-level online public services to the people….

With a central target orientation in 2021 and a strong response to take the lead in implementing digital transformation, choose the path of faster development with smart digital tools… Center for hope in the future In the coming time, it will contribute positively to the success of the digital transformation goal in Ca Mau province.

Thuy Ngan


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