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By the end of summer, American children under 16 years may receive a dose of covid vaccine – Fauchi

Children under 16 years of age may be provided doses of Kovid-19 vaccine until late summer or early autumn. It is hoped that by America’s greatest epidemiologist Doctor Anthony Fauchi. Doctor Anthony Fauchi is the Chief Medical Officer of President Joe Biden. During the Donald Trump era, he served as a member of the White House formed on the Corona virus.

What is the strategy of Kovid-19 vaccine for children?

In the 30-day tenure, Joe Biden is now promising that primary school will open 5 days a week until the 100-day tenure is completed. Last week, the country’s highest health agency released its long-awaited guidelines. Guidelines have been named as operational strategies to bring children back to class amid the epidemic.

There is growing frustration among parents and teachers over the lack of vaccine for children. Fauchi told IANS that the US may be able to provide at least one vaccine for children by the end of summer. Let me tell you that after more than a year of fighting against the epidemic, relief has come in the form of vaccine to eliminate Kovid-19. Although the corona virus affected many parts of the world, the US is still experiencing a surge in infection cases.

May have to wait till summer or fall

The matter of satisfaction is that there has been a decline of 43 percent in cases of infection. Two vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna have been approved for emergency use in the US against the Corona virus. Of the two vaccines available in the US, Pfizer’s vaccine is being used on children over 16 years of age, although Moderna’s vaccine dose is for children above 18 years. Fauchi said, “We have already started research in an effort to reduce age.”

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