Buying lottery on My Viettel application, winning Vietlott 142 billion

On April 16, Vietnam Lottery Computer Company (Vietlott) said it had awarded a jackpot worth nearly 142 billion VND to Mr. ND (Ho Chi Minh City). The ticket that brings this “huge” prize is bought by the owner online through the My Viettel application.

It is known that, after deducting personal income tax, Mr. D. will actually receive more than 127.6 billion.

Previously, at the 561th Power 6/55 lottery draw that took place on the evening of 3/4/2021 of Vietnam Lottery Company (Vietlott), the prize drawing committee identified the lucky number series: 02 – 04 – 34 – 38 – 41 – 55 | 19. On April 9 in Ho Chi Minh City, representatives of My Viettel and Company 2B (the Vietlott ticket distributor) handed over the lottery tickets to lucky customers.

With the main mission of pioneering digital society, Viettel will be a leading enterprise in promoting the digital economy. Accordingly, e-commerce is one of the areas of special interest.

From April 2020, Viettel officially licensed an e-commerce floor license for the My Viettel application and website, starting to implement features of purchasing goods outside of telecommunications such as buying air tickets ( Bamboo, Vietjet, Vietnam Airlines and international routes), lottery (Vietlott), Insurance (Non-life), route booking (with more than 400 garages nationwide), and consumer products page, technology, cosmetics …). Particularly with Vietlott lottery ticket products, this is always the top non-telecommunication service on My Viettel, with the number of bookings per day up to tens of thousands of visitors.

After making successful transactions on My Viettel (including telecom and non-telecom products), customers will earn Viettel ++ points to use more exclusive offers only available on My Viettel.

With attractive incentives, simple and flexible methods of buying and paying, it is promised that the shopping feature on My Viettel app will explode more and more, contributing to the realization of the goal of making My Viettel become a super app. in the future, as the message “You need what you need My Viettel also”.

To buy Vietlott tickets, customers can access:

For detailed information about Viettel products and services, customers can access the website

MyViettel application or contact the operator 18008098 (free) for direct support.

Minh Ngoc


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