Buy MobiFone’s long-term data, enjoy using the internet for the whole year

For mobile subscribers, when joining any package, incentives and charges are always two factors of interest. So when MobiFone launched long-term data packages with “terrible” offers, it attracted a large number of subscribers.

The operator plans to re-plan many tariff packages, deploying telecommunications service support packages during the epidemic season

With the desire that mobile subscribers have more benefits when using mobile services, deploying the spirit of the telecommunications service support package of nearly VND 10,000 billion that MobiFone is joining with other businesses, MobiFone re-plan internet packages with many added benefits for customers.

With new subscription packages, users will be transferred to new packages with superior offers in terms of capacity compared to the old package. For example, when the M70 and MIU packages expire, they will be automatically renewed to HD70 with a capacity increased from 3.8 GB to 6 GB; or MIU90, M90 when expired will automatically convert to HD90 with capacity increased from 8.8GB to 10GB…

MobiFone deploys new 12-month cycle packages such as 12HD70N, 12HD90N, 12HD120N, 12HD200N, 12HD300N which are also supported by the network operator with a capacity increase of up to 3 to 5 times.

Buy data package for year at attractive price

Information that MobiFone has deployed a series of long-term data packages with great incentives from the end of July has been warmly responded by many network subscribers.

Just registered for the 4G MobiFone 12HD90N package successfully, Thanh Duy (Hanoi) shared: “Registering this package, I get an extremely generous discount to use for the whole year. With a fee of 900,000 VND, I can use it for 1 year without registering or renewing it next time, it only costs 75,000 VND per month but can use huge data, up to 30GB per month to access Internet.”

On her personal page, Ngoc Lan also invited friends to register for this package because “it’s very profitable”. Lan shared, with the 12HD90N package, users receive high-speed internet data for 12 months, equivalent to 360GB/360 days, free to surf the web, study, entertain … “Especially, you will save money. 180,000 VND compared to signing up for the HD90 package per month,” said the girl, who is a very connoisseur of shopping.

12HD90N is a super-preferential 12-month 4G MobiFone package that is applied to all prepaid and postpaid MobiFone subscribers (except for Fast Connect, MDT subscribers). With this package, customers can use up to 30GB of data traffic per month and apply the addition regularly during the package cycle, when the data traffic is used up, the system will disconnect, customers do not worry about being charged excess charges. .

In addition to 12HD90N, MobiFone also applies many other attractive 12-month data packages to help customers freely choose according to their needs to register.

For example, with the 12HD70N package with a fee of 500,000 VND, customers can use 5GB/month (up to 500MB/day), the cost of the monthly split package is only about 41,000 VND.

Buy MobiFone's long-term data, enjoy using the internet for the whole year

For subscribers with large data needs, the 12HD120N, 12HD200N, and 12HD300N packages are options that should not be ignored because of their reasonable prices and large capacity incentives. These year’s packages are priced at 1.2 million dong, 2 million dong, and 3 million dong, respectively, whereby customers can use high-speed data capacity of 2 GB/day and 3 GB/day, respectively. , 4 GB/day. With the purchase of data for the whole year, the monthly cost of these packages is only about 100,000 VND, 166,000 VND, and 250,000 VND respectively.

In the context of the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, MobiFone always actively implements support activities and accompanies customers to overcome the epidemic season. Joining the telecommunications service support package chaired by the Ministry of Information and Communications, MobiFone will give 2 times the bandwidth to all customers using fiber optic Internet services nationwide, at the same price.

The network operator also provides new support packages such as: Giving 50 minutes of on-net calls to all people in localities who are having to practice social distancing according to Directive No. 16 of the Prime Minister; Up to 50% discount on data packages VX3, VX7 (VX3 package (6GB/3 days) reduced from VND 20,000 to VND 10,000; VX7 package (10GB/7 days) reduced from VND 35,000 to VND 20,000)…

As one of the businesses providing essential services, MobiFone has been constantly looking for solutions to share some of the difficulties with the whole country. The network operator hopes that these practical incentives and supports will contribute to meeting the needs of customers to study and work online at home in the context that many localities are having to social distance and prevent epidemics. sick.

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