Buy iPhone to play Tet with only 10 million VND

21/01/2021 09:20 GMT + 7

With a price range of about 10 million, buyers can still start using the iPhone with the experience on the latest iOS 14 operating system.

If you are new to trying to use iPhone but do not want to invest a large amount of money, users can choose to buy the iPhone launched a few years ago, or buy a used device. The fact that Apple still supports the latest iOS operating system on iPhone models released 4-5 years ago makes the experience on the old machine still enough satisfied.

iPhone XR red version.

At the price range of 10 million dong, buyers can now target used iPhone SE 2020. The 128GB version of the machine is sold from around 10 million dong, possibly cheaper than in small stores.

This machine uses a fairly new A13 chip, 4.7 inch screen, 12MP main camera, 7MP secondary camera. With this configuration, iPhone SE 2020 is enough for users to experience the iOS platform just enough.

At the same price, users can try iPhone XR 64GB. The A12 chip, launched in 2018, was born a little earlier than the iPhone SE 2020. However, the iPhone XR has a newer design, with a notch and FaceID support (compared to a fingerprint sensor). Home button like iPhone SE).

Due to the new design, the iPhone XR screen is wider – 6.1 inches, higher resolution – 828 x 1792 pixels. The device is also IP67 dust and water resistant like the iPhone SE 2020.

Like the iPhone SE, the iPhone XR belongs to the group of phones that Apple wants to reach as many people as possible. The new device sold for 11.9 million – used to be Apple’s best-selling iPhone in the world.

In small stores still selling the iPhone X, iPhone Xs – models that are more premium than the iPhone XR. iPhone X 64GB costs about 10 million, iPhone Xs is about 1 million more expensive.

If you can pay more, users will own iPhone 11 – the most purchased iPhone in Vietnam in 2020 (and may still be the best-selling up to now).

iPhone 11 64GB old goods are sold at major supermarkets for about 15 million, also genuine warranty. In small stores, the price may be about 1 million VND cheaper.

To be completely assured of product quality, users can buy the new iPhone 11 64GB, for about 17 million VND in small stores.

iPhone 11 is the combination of the iPhone SE 2020 with the iPhone XR, adding something new; The screen size, resolution, and device size are exactly the same as the iPhone XR. It uses a new A13 chip similar to the iPhone SE 2020 but adds a super wide-angle rear camera, which becomes a cluster of 2 cameras instead of just 1 camera like the other two.

The selfie camera is raised to 12MP, with 4K video recording capabilities. In addition, the machine is also more resistant to dust, water – IP68, higher capacity battery – 3,110mAh.


IPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 prices hit bottom

IPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 prices hit bottom

IPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 models are offering a floor price discount of one to more than 4 million dong each.


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