Button battery burns baby boy’s esophagus

Ho Chi Minh CityA 5-year-old boy living in Can Tho swallowed a button battery with a diameter of 2 cm, causing burns to the esophagus, the risk of narrowing the eating tract.

The baby boy was transferred from Can Tho to the City Children’s Hospital for emergency on the 4th of Tet. After more than 5 hours of being stuck, the battery secreted strong chemicals, causing burns, causing Dr. Le Duc Loc and his team after endoscopic removal of the foreign body to immediately place a jejunal tube, avoiding the risk of esophageal stricture.

Image of battery on X-ray film. Photo: Hospital provides

According to Dr. Loc, undetected battery foreign bodies will be dangerous, especially magnetic batteries and batteries containing alkaline, highly penetrating and corrosive acids. A battery stuck in the esophagus is an emergency and should be removed within two hours of swallowing. If left for a long time, the battery begins to corrode and can cause punctured blood vessels, dangerous to life.

Doctor Nguyen Cat Phuong Vu (City Children’s Hospital) said that most young children can’t speak, or panic, cry, vomit, choke briefly when they first swallow, the symptoms are very vague at first. “If you don’t think about the child swallowing a foreign object, once it is detected it is almost too late, dangerous complications are difficult to handle,” said Dr. Vu.

The battery is removed by the endoscopist.  Photo: Provided by the hospital

The battery is removed by the endoscopist. Photo: Hospital provides

Particularly for older children, if a battery is swallowed with a size of less than 12 mm and passed through the stomach, do not intervene urgently if there are no symptoms, only take X-ray after 4 days to see if the foreign body has been expelled or not. not yet.

Button batteries, shaped like flat silver plates, are found in common household items such as remote controls, thermometers, odometers, scales, keyboards, and flameless candles. , watches, toys…

Doctors recommend parents check battery-operated devices, make sure they are out of reach of children because one accidental ingestion can lead to lifelong complications. Children who swallow batteries into the esophagus will perforate the esophagus. Children who insert batteries into their noses are prone to perforation of the nasal septum, destruction of the nasopharynx, damage to internal structures… Inserting batteries into the ears can cause perforation of the eardrum, perforation of the bones, and hearing loss.

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