Businesses: the psychological distress of bosses

A listening unit has been set up at the Ministry of the Economy to advise business leaders who have found themselves engaged, for several months, in a long-distance race of which they do not know the outcome: the accounts, the guilt of not getting out of it … This is particularly the case with Laurent Gonnet, whose passion and profession to grow plants is. For thirty years, he has managed a horticultural business with around fifty employees, in Voglans (Haute-Savoie).

In its greenhouses, the trauma of the first confinement is still very present. “Here, we had marigolds, which make beautiful orange flowers. The plants were ready to sell, and we threw them away, and there, it was a shock”, recalls the entrepreneur. He had to close his store, considered a non-essential business. A shortfall, but above all a great psychological suffering. If Laurent Gonnet succeeded in overcoming the crisis, with good support, this is not the case for all traders. “I understand that some have had dark thoughts”, he says, moved.

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