Businesses: the government wants to allow employers to impose holidays



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To promote the restart of businesses, the government does not hesitate to amend the Labor Code. Journalist Jean-Paul Chapel takes stock of the 20 Hours set, Thursday April 15.

The executive wants to boost the restart of businesses. To do this, it could allow employers to impose on their employees the period during which they go on vacation. On the set of 20 Hours, Thursday April 15, the journalist France Televisions Jean-Paul Chapel recalls that it is a right that already exists but that before, it was necessary to warn the interested parties at least one month before.

Since the onset of the health crisis, however, the employer has enjoyed greater leeway. “It can impose on you up to six days of leave, notifying you no longer one month, but only 24 hours before“Says the journalist. This exemption applies as soon as a branch or company agreement exists. At this stage, 12 branches and 3,500 companies have already signed. The government now wishes to increase these forced holidays from six to eight. days. Regarding RTT, an employer can force an employee to take ten days, if economic difficulties so require. The notice is also 24 hours. However, in this configuration, no need for agreement of branch or business.

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