Businesses pay a heavy price if they do not allow employees to work remotely

Amazon, Intel and other technology companies admit that if they reject the remote work policy, they will lose a lot of talent.

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Some tech companies are well aware that competitors with flexible working policies are a big risk to them. For the first time in history, Amazon, Pinterest, Intel, and PayPal mentioned how a changing work environment can affect their ability to attract or retain employees in their annual reports.

More than two years after the global outbreak of Covid-19, the “big guys” are still struggling to figure out how to bring employees back to the office and handle the risks of all working with them. together.

While some employees are eager to get back to work, others don’t want to think about this prospect and just want to continue working remotely. Businesses embrace that mentality when offering incentives to new employees such as allowing them to set their own time frames or work from anywhere.

The working environment is listed by the companies in the “Risk Factors” section of the filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). For example, Amazon writes that changes in the current and future work environment may not meet the needs and expectations of employees, or be less attractive than competitors, negatively impacting hiring. and retain good staff.

Intel again said that competitors are increasing access to their employees and the trend of working from home makes the competition more intense. PayPal asserts that the loss of key services or personnel, or the inability to retain, recruit, develop… talent, whether in a remote or on-site environment, is damaging to the business. shared.

More and more tech businesses are choosing to make remote work the “new normal,” including Facebook, Twitter, and Shopify. Companies like Dropbox, Atlassian abandoned the idea of ​​a centralized headquarters, allowing employees to work from anywhere across the country. Coinbase, GiLlab, and HashiCorp all advertise a remote-first workforce.

Tech workers today have more workspace options. Even giants like Google, Amazon and Apple – which have poured a lot of money into big offices – are turning to more options, though not as comfortable as the smaller firms.

Before the appearance of the Omicron strain delayed the return to the office, Google, Amazon and Apple had told employees to work a few days a week at headquarters. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy once expressed that he feels a hybrid working environment is the most realistic approach after Covid-19. “I don’t think you’re going to let people go back to the office 100 percent of the time,” he said on CNBC.

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