Businesses: moving towards a four-day week?



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The transition to the four-day week is debated in France. The journalist Gaspard de Florival returns, in the 23 hours of Franceinfo Wednesday January 26, on this trend which could develop in the world of work.

The four-day week is not yet fully widespread in France. On the set of 23 hours of Franceinfo Wednesday January 26, the journalist Gaspard de Florival indicates that “only 2.4% of French people work four days a week. This represents around 600,000 people”. However, more and more bosses are thinking about setting up this system. In Lille (Nord), a restaurant manager decided to grant three consecutive days off to his employees.

Gaspard de Florival explains that according to several studies, the four-day week allows a “increased productivity” and it is also a “a strong argument for recruiting the best profiles”. Indeed, “six out of ten people say they are ready to switch to a four-day week”, he points out. There are several scenarios for the implementation of this device. The company can in particular “offer to its employees to work 32 hours spread over four days with the same salary, but in this case it donates three hours of work. Otherwise, the employee must agree to work a little longer each day: 8:45 a.m. instead of 7 hours for a classic 35-hour contract”. The journalist reports that some countries have taken the plunge, such as Iceland, New Zealand or Spain.

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