Businesses: a network to psychologically support small bosses in difficulty

Christophe Frat knows it, he has come a long way. He is the head of Microsol, an SME of 20 people, specializing in foundation drilling. A small boss always in the oven and in the mill, that the Covid-19 came to disturb. The days got longer. “It’s been six days a week for almost six months, if not more”, says the latter. Reinforced health constraints and job cancellations have followed one another, so that To ended up losing ground. “In September, total cracking. Three months off. Want to simply ditch everything “, confides the boss. While he is in the process of sink, its employees keep the company running. “We tried to manage what we could and leave it a little while it goes up the slope”, says one of them, Rudy Lallemand.

One day in October 2020, Christophe Frat, who has dark thoughts, calls a psychologist. “After putting everything on the ground, I got the little phone call that goes well, the little eavesdrop that goes well, just the soothing words”, notes the latter. At the end of the line, he’s a network psychologist APESA (Aid psychological for entrepreneurs in distress) who took his call.

Several times a month, Eric Doazon is on duty to respond to business leaders. “These are often people who have created their business, who have put in a lot of money, a lot of their assets. There is really a kind of pride to be held at all costs, and especially not to encumber family or friends “, analyzes the psychologist. The network was created by Marc Binnie, clerk, as well as judges and accountants. “It seemed to me to be non-assistance to anyone in danger to let people leave in tears, stunned”, confides the latter. If necessary, the manager can be referred to a psychologist, and benefit from five free consultations.

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