Business bankruptcies: “We do not see any tsunami looming”, according to the representative of the commercial courts

Sonia Arrouas, representative of the commercial courts, eco guest on Wednesday July 1 (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE)

Has the economy really picked up? “Things are going well”, answers Sonia Arrouas, the representative of the commercial courts, eco guest of franceinfo. The President of the General Conference of Consular Judges assures him: “We do not see any tsunami looming “.

Last year, according to the Banque de France, the number of business failures fell by 39%. According to Sonia Arrouas, this trend is confirmed: “We have very little business “. But won’t stopping public aid automatically lead to an increase in bankruptcies? “We are not worried “, answers the president of the commercial court of Evry, which counts on the accompanying measures announced in June for “smooth” the number of failures.

Some companies only held on thanks to public aid. They are sometimes referred to as “zombie companies”. “We have more in France than in other European countries“, confirms Sonia Arrouas, who believes that France has risen to”10% or 15% zombie companies “.

The representative of the commercial courts asks the banks to ” to do the housework “, Because these situations can lead, according to them,”reorganizations or judicial liquidations of suppliers “ : “We must eliminate the zombie companies but it is not for us to do it “.

Sonia Arrouas alerts companies that encounter difficulties: “Business leaders fail to understand the interest, for them, of prevention “. She calls on those who are beginning to encounter difficulties to act without delay: “Go see the presidents of the courts, go see the Urssaf, do not hesitate to contact the public treasury, the Banque de France …

“Everything is open for business leaders”, insists the representative of the commercial courts.

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