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The French people’s relationship to work is changing and more and more workers no longer want to hold managerial positions. A situation explained to us by Catherine Flushing on the set of 12/13.

A power that the French no longer want in companies, this is what emerges mainly from a survey published recently. the third of French workers reveal that they do not wish to be promoted within their establishment. This is more the case for women than for men. “48% of managers do not apply for positions of responsibility when they have the profile, compared to 41% of their male counterparts”explains the journalist Katherine Flushing.

If many refuse to see themselves appointed as a manager or to a leading position in the company, the reasons vary according to the people interviewed. For 19%, it is the workload that is the problem while for 17%, a salary that is too low in relation to the task is not suitable, and finally, for 18% pressure to a position of power is feared. Managers are looking for solutions to combat this phenomenon. “The key is the image that is attached to the role of chef, it must evolve”, detailed the journalist. Other responses could be to raise wages and improve working conditions.

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