Burn 80,000 calories from gardening and home repairs

Home and gardening repairs can burn large amounts of calories, making them physically and mentally healthy.

The British spend 165 hours (almost a week) of the year tending their gardens and renovating their homes.

During that time, they will consume 6,384 calories for weeding, 3,466 calories for pruning, 3,852 calories for watering, and 4,199 calories for lawn mower operation. Indoors, they spent 2,161 calories removing the wallpaper, 4,145 calories scanning paint, and 433 calories using nailing alone.

According to a study by Draper Tools, 57% of 2,000 respondents don’t think home maintenance is a way of exercise. However, half of the respondents said they felt more active when gardening or fixing the house.

Wall paint helps to burn 4145 calories. Image: Mirror

Mr. Kev Smith from Draper Tools said: “This proves that gardening and home repair is not only beneficial for your home, but also useful for health. the above activity is equivalent to the calorie content of 349 Mars candy bars or 312 hamburgers “.

“Not only good for the body, but the two jobs mentioned above also help people relax and relax, especially when watching the results is a clean nest,” he added.

The results of the study also showed that in one year, those surveyed consumed 1,934 calories while cutting wood, 1,293 calories using a pressure washer, and 588 calories when closing furniture.

Despite doing lighter work, like painting furniture or using fillers to fill holes in the house, these people also consumed 394 and 760 calories for each of the above.

They also consumed 221 calories in 12 months when mounting the shelves on the wall or 702 calories when hanging pictures.

Those studied will “burn” 3,799 calories when digging holes, 4,194 pruning and pruning 2,659 calories when sowing seeds or planting small shrubs.

Repainting exterior walls and fences costs 3,661 calories, as well as carrying gravel, wood, fertilizer bags and other heavy objects will reduce 3,029 calories per year.

Manually harvesting fruits and vegetables will cause 3,188 calories to be “burned”.

Research by Draper Tools shows that 7 out of 10 people say, due to being so engrossed in home or garden repairs that a few hours naturally “disappear”. 67% of people say that when home repair or gardening has good results, they feel more satisfied than completing the work. In total, chores like gardening and home repair can help you burn up to 80,000 calories.

Mr. Kev Smith added: “Home repairs and gardening can bring benefits such as exercise, keeping the body active and healthy. It is important not to overdo and take regular breaks. “.

Kieu Giang (According to the Mirror)


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