Bullet Train, The Year of the Shark, The Promises of Hasan… The films to see or avoid this week

Brad Pitt in Bullet TrainMarina Foïs and Jean-Pascal Zadi in The Year of the SharksUmut Karadag in Hasan’s promises. Copyright Scott Garfield/ The Jokers / The Bookmakers/ Kaplan Film/Sinehane

Brad Pitt as a somewhat brazen killer, the pursuit of a shark on the Landes coast, the pilgrimage of a Turkish farmer to ask forgiveness from his loved ones… What should we see this week? Discover the cinema selection of Figaro.

Bullet Train – Have

Action by David Leitch, 2:07

At 60, Tom Cruise, white teeth and shiny hair, still flies planes. Brad Pitt, he assumes his age. At 58, the Hollywood star travels by train. Like an ordinary passenger, a brave American tourist with tired features under his hat and behind his glasses. Or almost. When he boards the Shinkansen, the high-speed train that connects Tokyo to Kyoto, he is in full briefing on the phone with the “referent” of his new mission. Contract killers also go through existential crises. Ladybug (her code name), strong in therapy, now sees her job in a new light, without weapons or violence. That’s good, it’s just a matter of stealing a briefcase on board the train, carelessly left in the luggage space. But Ladybug has bad karma. Bad luck sticks to his skin. The journey will not be easy. In Bullet Trainwith spectacular choreographies, Brad Pitt is brilliant as a zen-loving killer in a world of brutes. E.S.

The Year of the Shark – To avoid

Dramatic comedy by Ludovic and Zoran Boukherma, 1h27

After the great Teddy, which revisited the myth of the werewolf in a hilarious way by putting it in the Landes sauce and smelled good of social comedy steeped in horror film, we were impatiently awaiting The Year of the Shark, Boukherma brothers. No need to beat around the bush, the film is a great disappointment. It is once again located on the Landes coast, not far from the Arcachon basin. Maja (Marina Foïs, impeccable after Freewheeling and As bestas) is a conscientious gendarmette on the verge of retirement. The day a vacationer mysteriously disappears, putting the coast on alert, she sets off with fellow Pieds Nickelés (Jean-Pascal Zadi and Christine Gautier) on a man-eating shark hunt. After a fairly strong first quarter of an hour, the sequel seriously stalls. The film bogs the viewer in the baths of boredom, while it lasts barely an hour and a half. Too shy, the plot turns in circles. OD

Hasan’s Promises – To avoid

Drama by Semih Kaplanoglu, 2h27

We are in Turkey. Hasan walks his tall figure, which one could easily see crowned with a straw hat, between the rows of his orchards. We can’t say that they make him a mogul, that’s not it. At night, a lamp remains lit, the main character makes calculations to be able to pay for a pilgrimage to Mecca and, above all, reviews the remorse he has accumulated in recent months. Indeed, to avoid the installation of a pylon in his field by a powerful public company, our man preferred to sacrifice the happiness of a neighbor and a superb tree. The one that housed his childhood memories. Cardinal sin. The peasant’s past rewinds without major consequences. He remains planted there, as if in the middle of a ford, a spectator of his life. The real spectator begins to yawn. The looming trip to Mecca leads Hasan to question his faults. The sketched reflections on money or remorse wither during scenes that are too long. BP

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