Building an educational ecosystem 4.0 in accordance with Vietnam’s practice

The event of Education Forum and School Exhibition 4.0 (EDU4.0) taking place on November 21 in Hanoi will introduce models, experiences and solutions to build a true 4.0 educational ecosystem. see off Vietnam.

EDU4.0 is expected to give the community and attendees a comprehensive view of the Vietnamese education industry in the trend of the fourth industrial revolution. (Illustration)

The event was founded by BHub Group and co-organized with the Vietnam Association of Universities and Colleges, Vietnam Internet Association, Education Forum and School Exhibition 4.0 (EDU4.0). the two ministries of Education and Training and Information and Communication.

The organizational plan of EDU4.0 has just been officially announced by the Organizing Committee. This is the first large-scale event in Vietnam on transforming the number of educational sectors combined with the school exhibition 4.0 with the participation of many agencies and departments at the same time.

As planned, for the first time being held, EDU4.0 with the theme “Education Development 4.0 in line with Vietnamese practice” will take place on November 21, 2020 in Hanoi, with many activities such as : conferences, seminars, exhibitions, open stages, business connections … Events are held in the form of direct combined with online television. Direct participants will register to attend via QR Code application.

In the National Digital Transformation Program to 2025, with a vision to 2030 approved by the Prime Minister in early June 2020 in Decision 749, education has been identified as one of the eight key areas of need. number conversion is given priority. Born in that context, EDU4.0 is expected to give the community and attendees a comprehensive view of the Vietnamese education industry in the trend of the fourth industrial revolution.

In particular, in addition to introducing models, experiences and solutions to building a comprehensive 4.0 education ecosystem that are compatible with Vietnam’s reality, the Organizing Committee expects EDU4.0 to give the messages, recommendations on strategies and policies for the development of Vietnam’s education sector in the coming time.

GS. Dr. Tran Hong Quan, former Minister of Education and Training, President of the Association of Vietnamese Universities and Colleges, and EDU4.0 co-organizer, emphasized that we are hearing a lot about digital transformation and Vietnamese education. Nam is not out of this inevitable trend.

However, Mr. Quan said that the educational ecosystem in Vietnam is facing many challenges in meeting the needs of 4.0 learners. The Vietnam Association of Universities and Colleges wants to be an effective bridge between the training institutions and the resources in the society to promote this process effectively and in accordance with the reality of Vietnam.

According to the President of the Vietnam Internet Association (VIA) Vu Hoang Lien, Vietnam’s education sector is facing many opportunities for digital transformation, especially after recognizing the great strides of distance education under by Covid-19.

However, what issues digital transformation for education needs to be concerned with is still an unclear picture for many people. Besides, the availability of infrastructure and application of IT in Vietnam for online training is at what level is also a problem that needs specific solutions.

“At EDU4.0, Vietnam Internet Association will share many angles on the above issue. EDU4.0 can be considered as a highly specialized event with the participation of reputable digital technology associations and businesses in addition to associations and large enterprises in the field of education and training. Ensure the most authentic approach to digital transformation for education in Vietnam ”, said Mr. Lien.

From the perspective of the founders, Ms. Trang Bui, CEO of BHub Group, shared: “We believe that the premise of smart education is the unlimited accessibility of learners to education. Through activities such as EDU4.0, organizations and individuals will have more opportunities to accelerate the process of technology cooperation and application in the digital transformation of the education sector in Vietnam, contributing to successful implementation national digital transformation strategy and towards smart education ”.

As an activity within the framework of EDU4.0, school exhibition 4.0 with an expected scale of more than 20 units will demonstrate trends, solutions to apply new technology, typical educational models in Vietnam. South and around the world. The exhibition has separate areas for attendees to experience these models and applications firsthand.

Especially, attendees of EDU4.0 will meet and interact with Tri Nhan – a new generation of artificial intelligence robot with a mission to serve educational purposes, and explore the story “Me. Robot. I. Human.”. In addition, all participants of EDU4.0 can participate in activities to meet B2B partners on online applications and directly at the scene completely free.


Development of Vietnamese Map4D pure digital map for national digital transformation

Development of Vietnamese Map4D pure digital map for national digital transformation

The digital map platform “Make in Vietnam” Map4D developed by IOTLink has just been launched by the Ministry of Information and Communications. The representative of the platform development unit said that the big challenge in the coming time is how to make Map4D effectively serve the digital transformation of the countries.


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