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Bubble Hotel: The first bubble business hotel made in Singapore, hotel guests will not get entry inside the country

In view of the increasing cases of Corona virus in Singapore, a unique hotel has been built. This hotel has been named ‘Bubble Business’ Hotel. This hotel is designed for people who want to have face to face meetings. In this, the world’s first such facility has been given in which a meeting can be held face to face without the risk of corona virus.

But this unique hotel also has a strict rule that the traveler staying there will have to obey. After the work is completed, you will go directly from the hotel to the airport and you will not be allowed to go anywhere else.

How Looks like is hotelThe :

The Bubble Hotel is designed in a very beautiful way. Rooms here have been made of airtight glass and even sanitizer has been provided to clean the documents. At the same time, the hotel is completely different from other hotels in the city and the state. But the same people can come here who have passed their Kovid test. Singapore is expected to host the World Economic Forum in August this year and the Bubble Hotel is designed as a way to facilitate business meetings during the event.

Who Huh hotel Of first GuestThe :

The first guests of the Bubble Hotel have come from France, Germany, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates. From which a guest told that he has come in connection with a meeting in Singapore and this hotel is his first witty. A one-night hotel room price starts at S $ 384 ($ 284.70), which also includes the cost of food, covid test and going to the airport.

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