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Bruno Studer: “My law on parental control must provoke a debate”

La Croix: What does the text you are presenting this Friday 12 November provide for?

Bruno Studer: This bill provides that we can no longer sell in France connected products (smartphones, consoles, computers, etc.), which do not have free parental controls that are easy to adjust. From now on, such a tool will be pre-installed by the manufacturer on each device offered on the market and, from the first use, the user will be asked, “do you want to activate your parental controls?” “. Thus, for those who wish to do so, the process will be simple and free.

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Another point, this law also makes it possible to impose on all manufacturers the content of this future parental control. While today, some phones for example do not offer anything, tomorrow all will offer the same parental control, the contours of which will be specified by decrees.

However, this remains below the default parental control, promised by the President of the Republic on November 20, 2019, on the occasion of the 30 years of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child …

BS: Myself, like the President of the Republic, I spoke in favor of a “default” solution. What did we want? Concretely, we would have liked the question asked to any buyer of a connected object no longer “Do you want to install a parental control device? ” corn “Do you want to deactivate it?” “.

It seemed simple and protective to us. But after months and months of working meetings, it occurred to me that this solution would have posed insurmountable legal difficulties. What is the point of passing a law that has not been applied? So I decided to move forward anyway, in small steps, by requiring that the software be installed by default and then activated under the responsibility of the parents.

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However, I am not defending a minimum bill. If it is adopted, France will become the first country to go this far and require all manufacturers to install a simple, clear and free system. By comparison, the law of 2004, which applies today, addresses only access providers, and only obliges them to inform users of the existence of these systems.

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Can this first step call for others?

BS: One of the goals I am pursuing by presenting this text, which I hope will be studied in session in January, is to open a debate. During parliamentary exchanges, nothing prevents enriching it and going further. I will be the first to be delighted. But it must be clearly seen that what we are proposing already constitutes real progress.


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