Bruno Le Maire: “The French economy has exceptional rebound capacities”

The state will be “behind the employees” French industrial sites, such as Ascoval, indirectly affected by the bankruptcy of the British finance company Greensill, provides Tuesday March 9 in the “4 Vérités” Bruno Le Maire.

“I have no fear” on possible job destruction on French sites, says the Minister of the Economy, adding that “in all cases, the State will be behind these industrial sites and behind the employees “.

The American stimulus plan amounts to 1,900 billion of dollars. “JI have no particular concerns about the effect of the American plan on the European economy and interest rates. Activity will quickly restart in the United States, one of the major customers of the EU and France. The euro zone can benefit economically. Our first commercial partner will be able to invest and consume “, develops the Minister of Recovery.

The ECB since the start of this crisis has acted well. I have full confidence in Christine Lagarde and the ECB”, Emphasizes Bruno Le Maire.

The private sector is suffering less than what had been anticipated. 320,000 salaried jobs lost in 2020 is too much, but it is three times less than expected, 11% of recession was announced and it amounted to a little more than 8% finally”, He rejoices.

The French economy has exceptional rebound capacities and it will surprise the euro zone and the EU by the end of 2021. What makes me say that is the maintenance of business investment, the mobilization of entrepreneurs, the resistance of the labor market thanks to measures taken to protect employees and avoid mass unemployment, assures the Minister of the Economy.

The French economy will regain color very quickly as soon as the health restriction measures are lifted”, He insists.

We will withdraw the aid measures gradually and that when growth allows it, nothing suddenly and suddenly, he says to reassure business leaders. But, forecastedoes he,when growth will be back, it will be necessary to rebuild public finances to make it possible to face a new disaster in the future “.

Emmanuel Macron is the best to lead France”, According to Bruno Le Maire, who will support it in 2022. Marine Le Pen is not automatically qualified for the second round of the presidential election. I do not resign myself to a Macron-Le Pen duel. As for Jean-Luc Mélenchon (LFI) and Olivier Faure (PS), who do not want to block the RN, they are totally lost, so blinded by their hatred of Macron and the desire to see him beaten, that they forget about it. their worth, the history of their party and the best interests of their nation, it’s called pure cynicism ”, concludes Bruno Le Maire.

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