Bruno Dumont hires Lily-Rose Depp, Camille Cottin and Fabrice Luchini for a science fiction film

Presented as a Star Wars stranded on the Opal Coast, the feature film The Empire will be shot this summer for a release scheduled for 2023.

A cast worthy of the stars. The ambitious science fiction film the empire, directed by Bruno Dumont, enlists a host of actors, including Lily-Rose Depp, Anamaria Vartolomei, Camille Cottin, Philippe Jore and Fabrice Luchini. The production has also confirmed to Screendaily that filming will begin quickly in Pas-de-Calais, but also in Italy and Germany. As with the director’s previous films, the cast will also include a number of amateur actors. This is the first time that Bruno Dumont has worked with the star of Ten percent , Anamaria Vartolomei, and with Lily-Rose Depp. Fabrice Luchini, meanwhile, had already appeared in 2016 in My Loute, then in 2019 in Joan . Virginie Efira and Adèle Haenel, approached to join the production, however no longer appear in the final cast.

Memento International obtained sales rights for this production, after having managed those of My Loute, the biggest French box office to date for Bruno Dumont. The feature film The Empire of 6.1 million euros is now in pre-production and should start shooting this summer for delivery in 2023. Initially scheduled for 2010, the film is already surprising with its whimsical roadmap: “Beneath the exterior of the common life of the inhabitants of a fishing village on the Opal Coast, arises the parallel and epic life of knights of interplanetary empires. In the grip of the bloody struggles of these clans at the announcement of the birth of Margat, resurgent prince, mauve and foul, Beast of the End of Times, located here on the coast and child of a young separated couple, as usual of their condition in a residential area.”

“Bruno Dumont returns with another brilliant and hilarious script, adding a serious epic twist to it. Get ready for this unique galactic adventure»said Mathieu Delaunay, head of sales for Memento International. “Epic stories don’t always take place in epic places… Let’s say it’s kind of like Star Wars found itself at the bottom of your garden.”

Production design and special effects will be overseen by Mikros Images, the French studio behind the special effects for Hollywood productions and major European films such as The Mandalorian , The Witcher , vikings, Lost In Space , Lupine , Annette and Wanda Vision .

In Memento International’s sales books for this Cannes festival, there are several other productions with films in the running for the Palme d’Or, Boy From Heaventhe Un certain regard selection, Sick Of Myselfas well as The Night of 12 in the first part of Cannes and Falcon Lake at the Directors’ Fortnight.


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