Broken penis due to traffic collision

HCMC20-year-old boy, in Go Vap, got erect while on the road, collided with a motorbike, broke his penis.

The patient was transferred to 175 Military Hospital on the evening of January 18 by the lower level hospital at the 12th hour after the accident. Doctor Vu Thai Hoang, Department of Urology – Male School, Military Hospital 175, said that after an ultrasound to determine the fracture, the doctors had to operate overnight to recover.

“This case is rare because the patient erect while on the road, was hit by a motorbike,” said Dr. Hoang. Ultrasound imaging showed that the patient had a broken white weight, also known as a broken penis. Cave breakage usually occurs when the penis is extremely erect. During this time, more blood rushes to the genitals. If it is bent suddenly or vigorously during the tension, injury can rupture the membrane of either cavernous object causing fracture.

The longer the patient’s condition, the more hematoma, making the operation more difficult. “This is a very rare case. Most patients break the penis due to self-break, wrong position, tummy when masturbating”, Dr. Hoang said. Patients with penile fracture may experience complications such as erectile dysfunction, curvature of the penis, affecting sexual activity in the future.

Doctors of the Department of Urology and Urology – Male School, 175 Military Medical Hospital operated penile stitches for patients on the evening of January 18. Image: Tran Chinh.

The doctor recommends that when there is a problem in the genitals, it is necessary to promptly treat the hospital. Intervention as soon as possible will help the penis increase its resilience.

Penis fracture is a male case is indicated for emergency surgery, if not treated appropriately, it can leave many unfortunate consequences. If it is broken for a long time, the penis will no longer be purple due to the self-healing position and the body’s self-healing mechanism, but it will be twisted. The deformity of the penis will interfere with urination, have difficult sex, and cause pain in the old laceration every time an erection.

If fracture in a complicated position with damage to the urethra, urethral stenosis, the patient may affect reproductive function.

Le Phuong