Broken eyes, lost fingers due to exploding homemade firecrackers

A young man in Hai Duong bought chemicals to make firecrackers himself, suddenly the firecracker exploded, causing multiple injuries.

Associate Professor Nguyen Hong Ha (Head of the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery – Plastic Surgery – Aesthetics, Viet Duc Friendship Hospital), said that the patient was transferred last week with a traumatic brain injury, maxillofacial, left eye. , crushed two hands.

3 teams of doctors at the same time operating on a patient. The crushed hand was too heavy, unable to preserve, a team of doctors was forced to repair most of the knuckles. The team of maxillofacial surgeons performs multiple facial trauma surgery combined with a screw brace on the maxilla – cheekbones. Meanwhile, the team of ophthalmologists coordinated to treat eye injuries, scoop out the left eyeball, and preserve the right eyeball.

After surgery, the patient was awake and continued treatment.

The patient is being treated at Viet Duc Hospital. Photo: Hospital provides

Dr. Ha said accidents caused by firecrackers often cause very serious injuries, many deaths or lifelong injuries. The doctor advised people not to arbitrarily make explosives and firecrackers, causing harm to themselves and the society.


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