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British PM Boris Johnson’s big statement regarding Ukraine, said – ‘Won’t fight with Russia’s army’

For the last 6 days, Ukraine is facing the attack of Russia. Russia is constantly trying to occupy the country, but the Ukrainian army is standing in front of them as a wall. Meanwhile, Ukraine hopes that some big country will come to the ground to help them, but their hopes are constantly being shattered. Now it has been made clear from Britain’s side that they are not going to fight against Russia in Ukraine.

British PM’s statement setback for Ukraine
A statement has come out from British PM Boris Johnson. The news agency Reuters has reported that Boris Johnson has refused to fight with the Russian army. He said that we will not fight the Russian army in Ukraine.
Boris Johnson said that Russian President Vladimir Putin mis-calculated two things. In which the first was that Putin tried to undermine the opposition to Ukraine and secondly, Putin considered the unity of Western countries to be inferior. Let us tell you that Britain has been continuously speaking against Russia. Even Britain has put forward the option of excluding Russia from the UN Security Council. However, Boris Johnson’s non-fighting statement is no less than a major setback for Ukraine. Because Ukraine may be fighting strongly against Russia’s mighty army, but they cannot stop Russia for long. In such a situation, they need the help of another country.

Britain imposed sanctions on Russia
Let us tell you that along with America and other countries, Britain had also openly supported Ukraine. Britain had also talked about imposing many sanctions on Russia after this attack. But Ukraine hoped that Britain would support them in the war as well. However this did not happen. Even before Britain, many big countries have refused to enter the fight directly. On the other hand, the President of Ukraine is constantly appealing for help from big powers around the world.

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