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British PM Boris Johnson and Zelensky seen together on the streets of Kyiv, interacting with people

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is present in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Boris met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and took to the streets. During this, he interacted with the local people and also got to know their condition.

This meeting of Boris and Zelensky is being described as very important in the midst of the withdrawal of Russian forces from Kyiv and surrounding areas and Ukraine’s demand for weapons from European countries. Seeing the bodies of civilians coming out of the cities of Ukraine, Boris said, ‘All this has completely ruined the image of Russian President Putin.’

Russia turned out to be wrong – Boris

Actually, Boris is on a tour of Kyiv at the end of this week. He made this visit at a time when the bodies of those killed in the Russian attack are being pulled out from the cities of Ukraine. Let us tell you, the Russian army has retreated from Kyiv and the surrounding areas at this time.

Boris said during this, ‘Russia thought that they would capture Ukraine in a few days but they turned out to be wrong. The courage shown by the citizens of Ukraine is commendable.

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