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British MP banned from bringing child along in parliamentary proceedings for breastfeeding in Parliament

Breast Feeding Women MPs: Britain’s Parliament has an MP from the House of Commons Stella Creasy has been banned from bringing her child to Parliament House. British MPs Opposition lawmaker Stella Cressey, who campaigned for maternity leave, has been issued a warning on Tuesday after speaking in an argument holding her three-month-old son, Pip. The Labor MP from the Walthamstow constituency in London shared an email from a House of Commons official on Twitter. Citing a rule in that e-mail, it is written that “you must not come to your seat in the chamber when you are with a child.”

Liberal Democratic leader and former MP Joe Swinson was the first woman MP to do so in 2018. Cressey complained that “mothers can no longer be seen or heard in the British Parliament, the mother of all parliaments.” Even after receiving this notice, Crisis of Parliament continues to bring her child to Parliament, as she was already carrying her daughter.

MP Chrissy said that we need to understand that we are in the 21st century. In February, the British government announced that it would give six months of paid maternity leave to senior ministers, but did not include MPs in the scheme. In 2019, after the birth of her daughter, Crissy became the first woman MP to hire a representative in her constituency. However, later he was not allowed to do so.

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