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British army said- seven Afghan civilians killed in stampede at Kabul airport

Kabul: Seven Afghan civilians, including those who gathered near Kabul’s international airport, have died in the chaos that broke out after the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan. The British Army has given this information. “Ground conditions are extremely challenging, but we are doing everything we can to handle the situation as safely as possible,” the British Defense Ministry said in a statement. Thousands of people have gathered at the airport in an attempt to"text-align: justify;"The British Defense Ministry issued a statement on Sunday saying, “The current ground situation in Kabul is very challenging. We are trying our best to handle the situation in a safe manner.” ="text-align: justify;"The incident took place when Taliban terrorists were firing in the air to disperse the crowd. Let us tell you that after the occupation of Afghanistan, there is a situation of chaos in many cities including Kabul.



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