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Britain’s Prime Minister Johnson spoke to Zelensky, discussed the evacuation of people from Mariupol

Russia Ukraine War: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky about the progress of the United Nations effort to evacuate people from the Ukrainian city of Mariupol. This information was given in an official statement. During the talks, Johnson also offered to provide Britain’s “continuous economic and humanitarian assistance” to Ukraine, the statement said.

Announcement of continuous aid to Ukraine
Johnson’s Downing Street office said: “The prime minister, seeing how hard the people of Ukraine are working for their independence, is working more than ever to strengthen Ukraine and thwart (Russian President Vladimir Putin)”. Committed. “They have confirmed that the UK will continue to provide additional logistical support to provide Ukraine with the equipment it needs for its defence,” the statement said.

Britain to investigate Russia’s brutality
Let us tell you that Britain is continuously helping Ukraine and is also making rhetoric against Russia. Due to which some Russian ministers have also threatened Britain. Earlier, Britain’s Foreign Minister Liz Truss said her country would deploy a team of war crimes experts to help Kyiv investigate the brutality of Russian troops in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The expert team will assist the Ukrainian government to gather evidence and prosecute war criminals. Experts investigating incidents of sexual violence during conflict will also be involved. The team will arrive in Poland in early May and will meet with international partners, NGOs, refugees and the Ukrainian government.

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