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Britain’s environmental government agency said – England will have to ‘change or be destroyed’

London: A UK government agency said on Wednesday that England could face the same severe floods as the floods if it does not improve its defenses against extreme weather conditions caused by climate change. Germany was devastated in the heat of this time.

Warning of increasing demand for water supply

In a report, the ‘Environment Agency’ has warned of hotter, drier summers, more and more dangerous floods, rising sea level and increased demand for water supply due to global warming. It has predicted that England’s winter rainfall would increase by six percent if the global average temperature rises by two degrees Celsius, but by 2050 summer rainfall will drop by 15 percent.

Change Yourself or Get Destroyed – Report

The report also warned that London’s sea level is expected to rise between 23 centimeters and 29 centimeters (9 to 11 inches) by 2050, and about 45 centimeters by 2080. Agency chief Emma Howard Boyd said it was “indicative climate impacts are inevitable” and that it was a matter of “change yourself or destroy yourself”.

“This action of change must be integral to the government, businesses and communities as well. When it is easier to invest early in climate change than to pay the price for inaction, people will soon question why steps have not been taken in this regard.”

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