Brexit: the agreement satisfies Secretary of State Clément Beaune

The post-Brexit trade agreement “defends our fundamental interests first ”, assures the secretary ofEreport to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Clément Beaune, on franceinfo Wednesday, December 30. “75% of the current fishing quotas we have, we will keep them for the next six years with certainty. Beyond that, the British could decide to reduce access, but there would be extremely dissuasive retaliatory measures “, he explains.

Certainly the UK retains access to our economic market, “but it is in our interest to trade freely with this country for the more than 150,000 French companies concerned ”. “This is France’s first trade surplus in the world “ and France “is the first tourist destination ”of the British, he emphasizes. “It is also interesting for us”, Concludes Clément Beaune.

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