Brexit: how the City intends to launch its counterattack

The (financial) empire strikes back. Two months after the entry into force of Brexit, the British government is preparing to respond to the assaults of other European markets by giving London the means to defend itself. And to continue to race ahead in the market segments that matter, if not to stay, since Amsterdam has just stolen the title, the first stock exchange in Europe.

The Minister of Finance, Rishi Sunak, has been working hard for several months. On the sidelines of Wednesday’s presentation of the new British budget, it should lift the veil on part of its future arsenal. According to the “Financial Times”, he must indeed publish the conclusions of a highly anticipated report, commissioned in November from the former European commissioner who became Lord, Jonathan Hill. Its mission: to scrutinize the British listing regime and propose reforms to attract or retain the fastest growing companies in London, in particular those in the tech sector, rather than letting them go to markets with regulatory constraints. more flexible, whether in Asia or the United States.

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