Breast cancer warning signs

Breast cancer, what are the symptoms of breast cancer? Is abnormal discharge one of the danger signs of breast cancer? (Thanh Ha)


In the early stages of breast cancer, there may be no abnormalities, patients only accidentally feel a small mass in the breast. The characteristics of breast tumors are often not well-defined. At a later stage, there will be nipple skin retraction or nipple discharge, especially if there is bleeding in the nipple, there is a high chance of breast cancer. Even later, there will be metastatic lymph nodes in the armpit or neck.

Most cases of breast cancer detected at an early stage are due to breast self-exams or periodic health checkups. When symptoms appear, the disease is often at a late stage, treatment will be difficult, complicated and ineffective.

According to statistics, breast self-examination reduces the risk of dying from breast cancer by 50%. Everyone can do a breast self-exam. The best time to check is after 5-7 days of menstruation. Women should check their breasts in a standing position in front of a mirror by observing whether the breasts are symmetrical, whether the breast skin color changes, the breast skin is pulled, the nipples are retracted, fluid or bleeding. nipple no. Straighten your arms above your head to see if the entire breast is abnormal.

In the case of women with large breasts, the examination should be done in the lying position, when the breast tissue is spread evenly on the chest wall, it is easier to examine. You should place three fingertips on the nipple, then follow concentric circles around from the nipple to the outside, then to the armpit area. If you feel an abnormal lump, you should go to a medical facility that specializes in oncology so that the doctor can do further tests.

Doctor, Doctor Vu Huu Khiem
Head of Oncology Department, Tam Anh General Hospital, Hanoi


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