Break the penis two days to go to the clinic

HanoiThe 38-year-old man broke his penis but did not go to the doctor and bought medicine himself. Two days after the unbearable pain, he went to the emergency room.

Agricultural General Hospital doctors said that the patient came to the hospital last week, the penis had been broken for two days, edema, bruising. Patients shared that due to psychological shame, hesitation, self-treated at home with pain relievers and hot oil massage.

The team of doctors judged that the patient’s condition for a longer period of time could easily affect the sexual function completely. The surgical team included Dr. Nguyen Thanh Tung, Doctor Luong Thanh Dat – Department of General Surgery and anesthesia crew, conducting emergency surgery. After surgery, the patient’s health is stable.

According to Dr. Tung, the force exerts a sudden impact on the cavernous white bag when it is filled with blood (being erect), causing the white bag to tear, leading to blood draining from the soft tissue around the cavernous body, causing hematoma. and penis deformity. Early surgery to stitch back the cavernous tear is the best method to ensure the erectile function as well as the aesthetics of the penis, avoiding the complications.

The most common cause of penis fracture is strong intercourse, incorrect posture. Some cases of “selfie” breaking, traffic accidents, sports accidents … If the fracture is severe, not only the cave will be torn but also the urethra (urethra) is torn, the patient is urinating. very painful or unable to urinate. At that time, the surgeon had to sew the tear of the urethra in addition to sewing the cave.

Doctors recommend not to be afraid when the accident is broken. Should be examined early to be accurately diagnosed and treated promptly, to ensure the function of the genitals in the future. In fact, many patients are ashamed, dare not go to the hospital as soon as the penis is swollen, painful, bent, and difficult to urinate. Late at the hospital, the surgical process will be quite difficult, the ability to restore function in men also decreases.

Thuy Quynh