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Brazil’s Health Minister Corona infected after shaking hands with Boris Johnson

Brazil’s health minister found it costly to shake hands with the maskless Boris Johnson. Marklo Queroga has been found positive in the corona test and has gone into isolation. The incident came to light 24 hours after a meeting with Boris Johnson and other British officials in New York without a mask. Marklo Queroga was sitting next to British Prime Minister and new Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss on Monday.

Joining hands with Maskless Johnson cost Brazil’s minister

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was also present in the bilateral meeting. Marklo Cueroga announced on Twitter on Tuesday night that he had been infected with Corona. Shortly afterwards, the Brazilian news website reported that Brazil had decided to end its participation in the United Nations General Assembly. The 55-year-old was seen shaking hands with cardiologist Curoga Johnson and patting the prime minister on his hand. This meeting took place at the Monday meeting at the New York consulate. Despite the fact that Bolsonaro publicly claimed not to have been vaccinated against COVID-19, Johnson, Truss and other members of the British delegation did not wear masks to the meeting, however, as Queroga sat behind the British leaders on the sofa. had used a mask. In a post released on social media, it has been claimed that the Brazilian Health Minister, who was infected with Corona, was staying in the same hotel in New York where President Joe Biden was.

Health Minister went into isolation after being found corona positive

Hours after the meeting, Queroga was caught on camera, in which he was seen making obscene hand gestures to protesters against Bolsonaro on the streets of New York. Bolsonaro has been at the center of criticism for his unscientific handling of the Kovid outbreak as the disease has killed nearly six lakh Brazilian citizens. Cuyoga was vaccinated against Kovid in January, two months before he was made the health minister. He had informed about this by sharing the video of vaccination on Twitter. After meeting with Bolsonaro and Queroga, Johnson flew to Washington on Tuesday to meet with Biden. In the picture from the White House, both the leaders were shown wearing masks during the meeting.

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