Boycott of Russian films at the European film awards

Strongly condemning the Russian invasion, the European film academy has decided to exclude Russian productions from the next selection. The ceremony is expected to be held in December 2022.

The European Film Academy has joined the massive global sanctions currently in place against Russia and fully supports the Ukrainian Film Academy’s call to boycott Russian films announced the institution on Tuesday.

Strongly condemning the Russian invasion, which she considers brutal, abominable and unjustified, calling Putin’s actions “atrocious and intolerable“, the academy chaired by Polish director Agnieszka Holland, says it is particularly concerned about “the fate of Ukrainians“. And especially by the Ukrainian film community: “We are fully aware that several of our members are fighting with arms against the aggressor. The Academy will therefore exclude Russian films from this year’s European Film Awards”.

Although she recognizes the courage of “these filmmakers in Russia who stand up against this war“, the film institution considers it necessary to stand “alongside our Ukrainian sisters and brothers whose lives are in danger“. While deploring that this decision should have come earlier in the past few days, but our democratic processes had to be followed“. At the same time as this decision, the European film academy declares having organized a fundraiser and set up support structures for Ukraine, without however providing more details.


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