Boy swallowed battery burned esophagus

HCMCSwallowing a coin-sized battery into his throat, the four-year-old boy was dissolved by the chemical in the battery, causing ulcers, burning in the throat and esophagus.

On the evening of January 6, the father came home from work and heard that his son was tired, had pain in his throat, vomited vomiting and coughing, so he was taken to the Pediatric Clinic of Thu Duc District Hospital.

An X-ray reveals that the one-third of the baby’s upper esophagus has a circular, flat, coin-like metal object. Doctors have to anesthetize, endoscopy pick up the foreign object that is a battery, said Dr. Huynh Tan Dat, General Surgery.

After taking the foreign body, the doctors must also suck and wash the chemical solution soaked in the baby’s esophagus, and put the nasogastric tube. Children continue to maintain fluids, fasting, monitor fluid through the stomach tube to evaluate the progression of esophageal ulcers; accompanying pneumonia treatment.

The child cried a lot and panicked when he was admitted to the hospital. Image: Hospital provided.

Doctor Le Cong Thanh Quang, Department of Pediatrics said: “Currently, the pediatric patient is stable, breathing evenly, no longer coughing and coughing sputum due to pneumonia. The ulcer where the foreign body is likely to stop bleeding” .

The button batteries, phone batteries, watch batteries often contain harmful elements such as cadmium, mercury … When leaking or leaking, these substances easily go out, causing acute poisoning. , burns of the esophageal mucosa, stomach. Damaged organs will be difficult to recover in form and function. Therefore, doctors recommend that parents should check children’s toys and equipment, keep long batteries, coin batteries, small objects easily swallowed out of the reach of children.

The battery blocked the throat, causing the child to burn, difficult to breathe, difficult to swallow.  Photo: Hospital provided.

The battery blocked the throat, causing the child to burn, difficult to breathe, difficult to swallow. Image: Hospital provided.

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