Box office: Almost with Bernard Campan steals the show from Spider-Man: No Way Home

The delicate comedy directed by Alexandre Jollien and the member of the Unknowns attracted just over 150,000 spectators to theaters upon its release. It narrowly relegates Jon Watts’ Marvel blockbuster to second place.

Almost, the delicate road-movie punctuated by the birth of the friendship between two beings who a priori everything opposes, settled at the top of the French box office as soon as it was released, narrowly dislodging Spider-Man, who had crushed competition for six weeks.

A philosophical comedy that brings together actor Bernard Campan and philosopher Alexandre Jollien on screen and in production, largely inspired by their own history, Almost totaled 151,276 admissions with 443 copies, according to CBO Box Office figures released on Wednesday, February 2. For its part, Spider-Man: No Way Home has accumulated more than 6.8 million admissions, but saw its attendance drop by 28%, with 150,691 admissions over the week.

Two other new releases, Les Promesses, a French drama by Thomas Kruithof with Isabelle Huppert and Reda Kateb, and My Hero academia – World heroes’ missiona Japanese animated film, occupy the fourth and fifth positions respectively.

Adieu Monsieur Haffmann, an adaptation of a play about a Jew hiding in a cellar in Vichy France, drops to third position. As for Une fille qui va bien, the first feature film by Sandrine Kiberlain, it is in tenth position in the ranking, for its release.

Box office France, week of January 26 to 1er February
1. Almost: 151,276 entries (new) – 443 copies
2. Spider-Man: No Way Home: 150,691 entries (6,803,570 entries in 7 weeks) – 584 copies
3. Farewell Mr. Haffmann: 137,914 admissions (570,425 admissions in 3 weeks) – 934 copies
4. The promises: 130,294 (new) – 333 copies
5. My Hero academia – World heroes’ mission: 129,395 entries (new) – 393 copies

Almost by Alexandre Jollien and Bernard Campan, released in 2022


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