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Bowerbirds: such birds whose style of love is infrequent, this Parinda decorates the shelter for Mehboob

Birds must have listened a lot and you must have seen, everyone has a different quality of their own. If a bird is very beautiful to look at, then someone’s speech makes the heart relaxed. At the same time, the Bower Bird is such a beautiful bird whose mood is considered very colorful and its style of love is very different. The specialty of this bird immersed in love is that it makes its home like an architect for the sake of his lover. This bird also decorates its nest with colorful and bright things to woo the female bower.

Ashina decorates with the evil of Bala

Around 20 species of Bower Bird are found worldwide, one of which is Vogelkop Bower Bird. This species of Bower Bird is found in the Vogelkop area of ​​the Indonesian island of New Guinea. The most unique and special thing about this bird is that it decorates and decorates its nest or house like an architect. These birds make their home from the straw with the help of bala, they make a pillar with a few thick straws and make a hut-shaped nest by placing several straws on it, the latter with great skill making it flower-leaves. Decorate with Research has found that blue color is very pleasing to female bowerbirds. For this reason, Parinda, who is famous for her architecture skills, uses mostly blue things to decorate her nest.

Decorate the nest to attract female bower

Male Bower, in love with the female Bower, collects flowers, a variety of dried leaves, fruits, seeds and shiny insects to attract her to his home and decorates her home. This bird builds its nest in front of a small coal pile, in addition it tries to incorporate a variety of colors into its nest so that the female bower is drawn towards its nest. Not only that, this parinda is so sensible that if the flowers and leaves on its house have wilted, it immediately replaces them and redecorates the house with fresh flowers and leaves.

The female lover is happy to see the decoration of the house

Bower birds often steal things from other birds’ nests. Apart from this, this bird also collects man-made things like plastic bottles, colored caps etc. The female bower often sits on the tree in front of the nest of the male bower so that she can inspect her house thoroughly and the female bower is quite happy to see the design and decoration of the house made by the male bower. This makes her realize that this is her lover’s home.

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