Boss salaries: the salaries of CAC 40 managers doubled in 2021


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On the set of 12/13, Thursday April 21, the journalist David BoƩri returns to the salaries of the bosses of the CAC 40, which almost doubled in 2021.

While Carlos’ salary Tavareswhich reached 19 million euros in 2021, had caused controversy, a study shows that the salaries of CAC 40 bosses have increased. 2021 is a record year for the leaders of the CAC 40, after a year of effort in 2020, their remuneration has practically doubled“, explains the journalist David Boeripresent on the set of 12/13, Thursday April 21. On average, salaries rose from 4.5 million to 8.7 million euros.

2021 was a very special year, with a real surge in exceptional premiums”, continues the journalist. On average, they reached more than 3.3 million euros in 2021 and were thus multiplied by 14. “It’s related to a new practice: set significant bonuses for the success of certain operations such as, for example, merging with another group“, concludes David Boeri.

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