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Boris Johnson said amidst restrictions in many countries – AstraZeneca vaccine is safe, India is also producing

London: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday that the Kovid-19 vaccine developed by Oxford University and bio-pharmaceuticals company AstraZeneca is safe and working well. He has said this after reports of blood clots forming after being vaccinated.

Prime Minister Johnson wrote in an editorial in The Times, “… this vaccine is being produced in many countries including India, just six months after being invented. “The vaccine (Oxford-AstraZeneca) is safe and now after six months it is being made in many places including India to the US and the UK and is being used all over the world,” he said.

His comments came in the wake of temporarily halting its use by several European countries, including Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway and Iceland, with concerns of the side effects of blood clotting.

Some Asian and African countries have also expressed concern. The Congo and Thailand have stopped its dose. However, the UK and European Union regulators and the World Health Organization have supported the use of this vaccine.

EU Drug Regulatory Claims
The head of the European Medicines Agency has said that no evidence has been found that blood clots have accumulated after the introduction of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Emer Cook said on Tuesday that the agency fully agreed that the dose of AstraZeneca reduces the risk, although assessments are ongoing.

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