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Boris Johnson opened front against Rishi Sunak, said- support anyone, but…

UK PM Race: Rishi Sunak of Indian origin is considered to be the frontrunner in the race for the post of Prime Minister of Britain. Meanwhile, caretaker Prime Minister Boris Johnson has opened a front against him. According to reports, Johnson even told his colleagues on Friday to “support anyone, but not Rishi Sunak.” Johnson of the ruling Conservative Party resigned as Prime Minister on July 7. Now the process is going on for the election of the leader in his place.

Sunak is leading in two rounds of voting. On Thursday, he had secured the maximum 101 votes in the second round of voting. Four more candidates are left with him in the race for the post of PM. In the second round of voting, Indian-origin Attorney General Suella Braverman got the least 27 votes. She is out of this race.

Penny Morduant got 83 votes, Foreign Minister Liz Truss got 64, former minister Chemi Badenok got 49 votes and Conservative Party leader Tom Tugendat got 32 votes. Even in the first round of voting, Sunak got the maximum 88 votes. Whereas Commerce Minister Penny Mordent got 67, Liz Truss got 50, Chemi Badenoch got 40, Tom Tugendat got 37 votes and Suella Braverman got 32 votes. Let us tell you that with the completion of the next five phases of voting among the members of the Conservative Party, only two leaders will be left in this race till next Thursday.

What did Boris Johnson say?
‘The Times’ newspaper reported that Boris Johnson has requested the leaders who have lost the race to get the leadership of the party not to support the former finance minister and chancellor Sunak.

A source said Johnson appears to be keen to get Secretary of State Liz Truss endorsed by his (Johnson’s) cabinet colleagues Jacob Rees-Mogg and Nadine Dorries. Johnson has also reportedly kept options open for Penny Mordaunt as his successor. Mordaunt is the minister.

Meanwhile, an aide of Johnson has rubbished the claim that he (Johnson) wants to see someone other than Sunak succeed him. However, he admitted that the outgoing prime minister was upset over Sunak’s betrayal.

At the same time, Sunak’s camp tried to ignore suggestions that his strong support was not apart from Tory MPs. Tory MP Richard Holden, who is supporting Sunak, said, “Hopefully we will move forward. ,

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