Booming opportunities of Vietnam’s e-commerce in 2022

According to Reputa’s analysis of the e-commerce market in 2021, the Covid-19 epidemic has contributed significantly to promoting the strong growth of the e-commerce market in 2021 and as a springboard for many new breakthroughs in the future. future.

The Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped users’ shopping habits in 2021. Complicated developments have seriously affected traditional activities in business and distribution of goods. E-commerce has helped remove all barriers of space and time in business. At the same time, promote the consumption of “Consumer Goods and Food” during the epidemic period, typically essential commodities and agricultural products. Therefore, E-Commerce is expected to propel Southeast Asia’s Internet economy forward in the next decade with rapid growth.

Below is some analysis of the e-commerce market in 2021 from the perspective and set of metrics of Social Listening, statistically analyzed by the Reputa team. Thereby, helping businesses have more data to strengthen their development orientation in the coming time.

The discussion trend of the top 4 e-commerce floors in 2021 will grow 7 times

The complicated context of the Covid-19 epidemic has caused many negative impacts on economic fields around the world. However, for the e-commerce industry, Covid-19 seems to have provided a great opportunity, with user discussions in 2021 increasing 7 times compared to 2020.

Specifically, Shopee’s discussion volume increased from 580,946 in 2020 to more than 3.4 million discussions in 2021, Lazada’s discussion volume increased from 128,690 to 709,640 in 2021.

The chart compares the amount of user discussion about the Top 4 e-commerce platforms in 2021 with 2020

“Prestige, floor quality” is the most important factor

Online shopping behavior of consumers is focusing on “Goods”, “Promotions” and “Delivery experience”. More than 50% of discussions of the Top 04 E-commerce platforms revolve around the “Commodity” factor such as product quality, variety and price. Over 23% of discussions mentioned “Promotions and communications” on exchanges such as monthly Super Sale campaigns, minigames and livestreams.

Booming opportunities of Vietnam's e-commerce in 2022
Overview of customer experience on Top 4 e-commerce floors in 2021

Compared to 2020, the consumption behavior of customers has changed markedly. If in 2020, the factor “Promotions” has the most positive impact on purchasing decisions, then in 2021, “Prestige of the floor” will be the prerequisite factor affecting the behavior of customers. shopping (accounting for more than 30% of active discussions). The “Price” factor is also gradually becoming more important in consumer purchasing decisions, increasing from 4% of discussions in 2020 to 16% of discussions in 2021.

Booming opportunities of Vietnam's e-commerce in 2022
The chart shows the shift of factors affecting consumer satisfaction in 2021 compared to 2020

Buy necessities and food online “to the throne”

In the past 2021, the Top most mentioned categories on Facebook, first of all, must include essential goods such as: Consumer goods – food with more than 16,288,430 articles and Home – life with 15,792. 410 news articles, followed by Beauty – health, Fashion and Digital devices.

Under the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers are more and more interested in the quality and nutrition of their daily diets, so we can see that the top mentioned items The top are all nutritious food items such as rice paper, green beans, yogurt, honey, and fresh milk.

Booming opportunities of Vietnam's e-commerce in 2022
The chart shows the Top categories and most mentioned items on Social Networks in 2021

E-commerce and “explosive” opportunities in 2022

Thep Reputa, following the trends and growth in 2021, the Top 4 exchanges should focus on promoting communication activities and increasing consumer experience. In particular, Shopee should continue to implement various promotions, minigames, and livestreams – which are the advantages of the floor and need to pay more attention to controlling the quality of delivery services. Tiki should have a plan to improve customer service, optimize the process of receiving and resolving buyer and seller complaints. Sendo needs to promote communication to increase awareness with customers. With the leadership in most factors of customer satisfaction, Lazada is gradually improving its position in the eyes of customers, but the floor should also focus more on the quality of goods.

Booming opportunities of Vietnam's e-commerce in 2022
Conclusion and Proposal to improve customer experience on Top 04 e-commerce floors

The Covid-19 epidemic has contributed significantly to promoting the strong growth of the e-commerce market in 2021 and as a springboard for many new breakthroughs in the future. According to the Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM), it is forecasted that by 2025, the scale of Vietnam’s e-commerce can reach 52 billion USD, becoming the third largest e-commerce market in the region. ASEAN.

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